Fiammetta Martegani is Curator at the Eretz Israel Museum and a lecturer at the Hebrew University.
She was born in Milano in 1981 and she moved to Israel in 2012 upon finishing her Ph.D. dissertation in Anthropology on the representation of the Israeli soldier in Israeli Art and Cinema. 
She did her Postdoctoral Program in Cinema and Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University
Since 2009 she is writing about Israel for few Italian newspaper and she has been combining projects between Anthropology and Art in Italy and in Israel.
In 2015 she published her first novel: Life on Mars  and in 2017 she published her Ph.D. research: The Israeli Defence Forces’ Representation in Israeli Cinema
Today she is a journalist contributor for the Italian  newspaper Avvenire
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fiammetta martegani

an Italian Anthropologist in Tel Aviv