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2024: We will dance again - after October 7th, Drahi Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
2024: A very narrow bridge, Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem, Israel 
2024: Al'amthal, solo exhibtion by Lenore Mizrachi-CohenJ, Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem, Israel 
2023: The Beating Art of Tel Aviv - after October 7th, Drahi Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
2023: My (Alt)Neuland, Jewish Museum of Lecce, Italy 
2023: Terra Infirma, solo exhibition by Tsibi Geva, Fondazione Pino Pascali, Poligano a Mare, Italy
2023: Ludmilla, solo exhibition by Maria Saleh Mahameed, Castello Svevo di Trani, Italy
2023: Ukiyo - e Tel Aviv, solo exhibiton by Paul Curran in collaboration wtht the Japense Embassy of Israel,
Tel Aviv (Curator)
2023: The Art and Soul of Tel Aviv - 2023 edition
Drahi Center, Tel Aviv (Curator)
2022: A very narrow bridge
Jewish Museum of Lecce, Italy (Curator)
2022: The Art and Soul of Tel Aviv
Drahi Center, Tel Aviv (Curator)
2021:From the Mainland to the Holy Land 
Jewish Museum of Lecce (Curator)
2020: Local Nature: 12 Israeli artist sin dialogue with Israeli Nature during the time of Covid (Ikebana artist), Avney Tal & Noni's Gallery, Tel Aviv
2019: Two Edges: Ikebana meets contemporary Israeli ceramics (Curator and Ikebana artist) Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv
2019:  4 Years, 4 People, 4 Seasons (Curator and Ikebana artist), Maurizio Minerva Studio, Tel Aviv
2018: From the Mainland to the Holy Land 
Shoah Museum of Rome (Curator)
2018: Ikebana and Bonsai (Curator and Ikebana artist), Beit Hansen, Jerusalem
2018: Ships of Hope, Shoah Memorial of Milano (Curator)
2016: Aliya Bet from Italy to Israel: 1945-1948, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (Curator)
2015: Universal Art, Uriel 23 Gallery, Tel Aviv (artist)
2014: Revealing the Concealed  P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv (Curator)
2013: Inside Out, Diaghilev Live Art Botique Hotel, Tel Aviv (artist)
2013: Ikebana and Bonsai, Botanical Garden, Jerusalem (Curator and Ikebana artist)
2012:  Road to NowhereSolo Exhibition, La Strada, Milano (artist)
2011: “Rupextre” Residency for Artists and Anthropologists, University of Matera (artist)
2010: Inbetween, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv
​ (artist)


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